Contact Info:
S. V. Anastasiadis
Department of Computer Science
University of Ioannina
Ioannina 45110 Greece

Teaching and research in computer science with applications to public safety.


Research Activity

The project develops a research program to improve technical knowledge in handling large amounts of streaming data. Data streams are generated from traffic monitoring devices in urban and border areas along with environmental and climate monitoring sensors. Deployment of such devices or sensors in border areas may offer significant benefits for the prevention of illegal activities (e.g. arson) and the timely containment of physical catastrophes such as floods and wildfires from extreme weather conditions.

Technical Description

From a technical point of view, the wide use of high-resolution sensors creates problems of efficient management, reliable storage and secure access. For that purpose, it is necessary to digitize measurements in real time and manage digitally the generated streams. We set as target to minimize the cost of transfer and storage of the streaming data, the reliable maintenance with tolerance to failures and physical catastrophes and the secure access of the data from properly authorized personnel. Despite the recent improvement of the related data storage and transfer technology, the management of streaming data remains a challenge due to the real-time requirements that it involves and the enormous amount of data.

Educational Activity

The educational activity of the project refers to the improvement of the undergraduate program in informatics engineering at the University of Vlora. During their visit to Ioannina, faculty members from the Albanian partner met with colleagues from the University of Ioannina and discussed ways to improve the teaching of computer science courses. Additionally, representatives from the administration of the Albanian partner during their visit in Ioannina had the chance to discuss possible new collaboration activities in the near future. The University of Vlora started its operation in 1994 and its current enrollment of 13000 students makes it the second largest university in Albania.

  The project is part of the INTERREG IIIA Greece-Albania Community Initiative and is cofunded by the European Union and the Greek Government.  
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